Dimbl, the mobile charity app for a more sustainable world

1,3 billion

people in poverty around
the world

9,3 million

people in poverty
in France

« Sometimes I feel sad, I don't know where
the next meal will come from... »

- A person in poverty

« Poverty is like a trap you can't escape from »

- A person living poverty

«There are days when I can't think anymore.
Looks like the brain is no longer
working ... »

- A person living poverty

« You can't rest. You keep thinking : How am I going to feed my children?
You feel very bad ... »

- A person living poverty

« We learn to suffer in silence ...»

- A person living poverty

We collectively build poverty, but together we can destroy it!

Dimbl, a charity app
to treat the emergency

1. Download Jaide

Download the Dimbl mobile App and open your account in 5 minutes.

2. Donate in just few clicks

Thanks to Dimbl technology, you can target a particular region or choose a cause that is meaningful to you (helping a farmer living in poverty for example).

The identity as well as the personal and financial situation of our beneficiaries are verified.

3. Bank card debited

You are debited from your bank card or from your Dimbl account if you have previously funded it.

Simple and secure !

4. Our technology routes your donation

Dimbl algorithm select a beneficiary who instantly receives your donation.

The recipient can then make purchases from merchants, thanks to his Dimbl mobile app or Dimbl payment card which does not authorize cash withdrawals.

5. Visualize your impact

View your donations list and visualize your impact region by region.

1. Download Jaide

Download the Dimbl mobile App and open your account in 5 minutes .

2. Get referenced

Request referencing from one of our trusted partners.

  • Associations
  • CCAS
  • Town halls

This referencing allows you to receive donations for a renewable period of 18 months.

3. Receive donations

Once referenced and your inscription validated,  you receive help from individuals, private or public structures

Make purchases

Using your Dimbl payment card or your Dimbl mobile App, you can make purchases from merchants (physical or online).

View your balance

You can view your balance at any time, check the transactions made at merchants and also add your own money to your wallet to complete your payments.