Dimbl  for

An innovation for more efficiency and speed in aid distribution to poor populations.

The technology that supports populations in need

Whether you are a company, a foundation, an association, an NGO, a public service, the Dimbl digital solution supports you in the distribution of aid to populations in need.


Dimbl supports you in achieving your poverty reduction goals or your public service missions.


Our digital solution allows you to reduce your aid distribution costs. You can help more and have a positive impact in the real economy.


With a few clicks, improve the daily lives of people in need accross a city, a region and even an entire country.

Features designed for more efficiency in the service
of a better world

Put Dimbl Charity technology at the heart of your actions to fight poverty.

A simple and fast referencing interface

Are you a social assistance service ? A NGO ? Use our interface to reference beneficiaries and make them eligible for donations from individuals or companies.

An IBAN associated with your Jaide account

We provide you a digital bank account in which you can securely transfer the funds that you will then distribute.

Everything is transparent, traced and secure !

A campaign management tool

Distribute aid to beneficiaries by creating digital campaigns in just few clicks.

You specify criterias like country, region, maximum amount per beneficiary … and our technology does the rest !

Beneficiaries receive your aid instantly and can make purchases to merchants using their Dimbl payment card or their Dimbl mobile application. Both of them do not allow cash withdrawls.

Indicators to monitor and assess your social impact

A dashboard provides you with indicators to evaluate at a glance your social impact and where you stand in your goals.

An administration tools help you to manage the list of persons who have access to your Dimbl account.